Help Name a New School After Ruben Trejo

EWU Professor Ruben Trejo 1937 – 2009

Spokane Public School District 81 is looking for nominations for names of new schools and buildings. We nominated Ruben Trejo for the new building for the On Track Academy located on the Shaw Campus. We also nominated Frances Scott (see the link) for the new middle school in NE Spokane on Foothills Drive.

11 thoughts on “Help Name a New School After Ruben Trejo

  1. I think Rueben Trejo is an outstanding nominee for the name of any school especially in the Spokane area.

  2. I would like to nominate Ruben Trejo not only for the fantastic way he represents Spokane but for his artistry and loyalty to his American heritage.

  3. Ruben was a talented and hardworking artist who was a friend and mentor to many. He left a hole in our community that will never be filled. To have such an honor would be a lasting reminder of his many contributions to the whole community.

  4. Ruben Trejo was a Latino/Chicano artist known nationally as a pioneering sculptor, visual artist, teacher, and exhibitor. An internationalist, with indigenous roots in Mexico, Ruben contributed locally as a beloved art professor at EWU, a jazz enthusiast, father, friend, and art Star.


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