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As a resident of the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), it’s easy to take all that the city has to offer for granted. Seen Around Town will be a series of posts where I will share information about various events in the DMV area.
Saturday was a beautiful day in DC so I decided to head downtown to catch a couple of exhibits that have been on my to-do list. The first was:

The Black List exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.
From the website:
Historically, “blacklist” denotes a group of people marginalized and denied work or social approval. In an effort to redefine the term, these portraits of 50 African Americans reclaim the term “blacklist” to be affirming, influential and powerful.
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Elvis Mitchell worked together to develop a list of people whom they thought would represent the African-American experience in the 20th century. Greenfield-Sanders created large-format fine-art photographs, and Mitchell interviewed the subjects on film; the portrayals provide insight on the struggles, triumphs and joys of black life in the United States.
This exhibit is visually stunning and there were several people on the “list” that I had no prior knowledge of.  The interviews are funny, candid and inspiring. The Black List reminds us of the infinite number of contributions African-Americans have made to the world beyond the “usual suspects”. This is a FREE exhibit and family-friendly. The Black List will be at NPG through April 22, 2012.  For more information including hours and directions, visit the website here: .

The second exhibit was 30 Americans at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. ………. More

We in the Spokane area have contacts and connections that reach beyond our borders. We welcome input from your relatives, friends and associates wherever they are, that can share experiences relevant to African American interests and issues. Send it to us at the Spokane African American Voice at

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