Reading Beyond the Requirements

Dr. James Burnley in a recent article for students exhorted them to go beyond what they were presented in classes:  “…. go further and seek the truth about your history. Seeking such truth means that you will have to read beyond what you are required to read in most if not all of the degree programs you are seeking to attain.”

Burley discusses the work of Mamie & Kenneth Clark:

Full text of Dr. Burnley’s article:
Reading Beyond the Requirements or Learning to Love the Black Dolls



How To Be Black: Baratunde Thurston

It’s no coincidence that Baratunde Thurston’s new memoir and satirical self-help book How to Be Black was slated for release on the first day of Black History Month.

“I feel great about that,” Thurston tells Fresh Air‘s Terry Gross. “I think we have a moment every year in our country where everyone buys black stamps and thinks more explicitly about black people and blackness, so it was a perfect month to release a book on this subject.”

Thurston, a stand-up comedian and The Onion‘s digital director, says that he doesn’t get as many gigs this month as one might think.

Let Baratunde tell you his story.