Dr. Martin Luther King Day Celebration 2013 Spokane WA

Annual Unity March Monday January 21 2013

Annual Commemorative Celebration Sunday January 20 2013

Holy Temple Church of God in Christ

Program Participants: Rev. James Watkins, Rev. Amos Atkins, Rev. Dr. Roberta Wilburn, Elder Ezra Kinlow, Elder Jimmy Pierce, Bishop Blase Cupich, Chief of Police Frank Straub, Jr., James Wilburn, Jr., Kahlil Wilson-Moore, Rev. Dr. A.S. Rhodes, Freda Gandy, Ivan Bush

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration Planning Committee 2013

Co-Chairs Mr. Ivan Bush & Rev. Percy Happy Watkins

Committee Members:  Carrie Bryant, Darlea Chatburn, Sharon Cowan, Kate Derrick, Tara Dowd, Freda Gandy, Whitney McKelvey, Alice Moore, Tamara Prudencio, Sarah Ward, AmeriCorps

Special Thanks: Spokane Community Gospel choir, AmericCorps, Community Colleges of Spokane, Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, Elder Ezra Kinlow, Avista, Spokane Police Department

Martin Luther King, Fr. Family Outreach Center Board of Directors: Rev. Percy Happy Watkins, Erin Denney, Bill Sweigert, Marla Hoskins, Pete Blackwell, Jeffrey Carrol, William Etter, Treena Luety, Bill Maxey, Robert Minnix


Recent Posts

African Americans in the Arts In Spokane and Inland Empire

Visual and Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Media Arts

I would like to thank all of those that are helping us to develop a database of African Americans involved in the Spokane and Inland Empire in the visual, performing, literary and media arts. 

Steve Pitters and I have been discussing how to bring about a change in mind-set infusing overall community opportunity for African Americans in the Arts in Spokane. The individuals listed here are being asked to consider the following ways they can enhance the cultural scene for each of us by doing the following:

  • Develop a community who will commit to attend each others functions and events. This will help to ensure our visibility at these events.
  • Use this list to notify us of our activities.
  • Use this list to make others in the community aware of our activities.
  • People in other cultures and communities in the United States and elsewhere insure the development and growth of talented individuals and businesses.
  • We need to change the “me for myself” attitude. Spokane is small enough for us to be able to sustain and support the talents of those who wish to share it with others.

Send us your thoughts and calendars of events and let’s collaborate with each other in support of like-minded interests and events.

Below are the names and contact information we have located so far. Please continue to send us names and contact information on other artists you might know. We would like to know the medium they operate in, email address, street address, phone number, web address,  and whether they are on Facebook
Adell Whitehead <mspine@comcast.net>
Angel Walker <angelicawalk@hotmail.com>
Anjelica Newsome
Bob Bartlett <rbartlett@ewu.edu>
Carl Richardson <Carl_richardson1966@yahoo.com >
Carlos Verde – Facebook
Daron <zrockman@hotmail.com>
Darrien Mack <DarrienM@community-minded.org>
David Casteal <davidca@spokaneschools.org>
David Parker <dlppv@aol.com>
Delbert Richardson <ahtm@thespokentruths.com>
Denise E. Roberson <littlesistahs@live.com>
Donzel Milan <donzel_milan@yahoo.com>
Dycelia Weiss <dycelia@weissfinancialconsulting.com>
Echo Elysium -guitar/vocals
Elisha J Mitchell <elisha@gospelvocalist.com>
Fran Hammond <fran.hammond10@gmail.com>
Frankie Valinda Ghee <fvghee@gmail.com>
Gaye Hallman – Facebook
Genesis Vernon -rap artist
Ginger Ewing <ginger_ewing@yahoo.com>
Inga Laurent <ilaurent@lawschool.gonzaga.edu>
Inga Laurent <laurenin@hotmail.com>
Jackie McCowen-Rose <jqmcrose@gmail.com>
Jacob <jacobsportraits@aol.com>
Jeff Mooring <here2there26@gmail.com>
Jermaine <jermaine_86@msn.com>
Joseph King <toneKane31@hotmail.com>
Kenya Diallo -piano/vocals
Keven DeWayne Franklin <kevendfranklin@gmail.com>
LaQuan (LQ)  Local Legendz 1917 E Sprague Ave, -music
Lindell Reason – Facebook
Mariah Nicole Hernandez <mhernandez18@outlook.com>
Maya Roseman <mayaaileen@aol.com>
Nicholas Sironka <sironkamaasai@yahoo.com>
Priscilla Barnett -mixed media
Quindrey Davis -drummer
Rachel Dolezal <radolezal77@gmail.com>
Raggs Gustaffe – Facebook
Robert Lloyd <rdlloyd@comcast.net>
Robert Williamson <robert5592@aol.com>
Ron Greene -guitar/vocals
Ron Smalls <concernedcitizen2017@yahoo.com>
Salik (Anthony Stevenson) <silverbraclet@hotmail.com> -painter</silverbraclet@hotmail.com>
Seneca Skillscreate Smith   Facebook
Shalon Parker <shalon_p@yahoo.com>
Shantell Jackson <shantell.r.j@gmail.com>
Stephen Pitters <stephenpitters@comcast.net>
Yolanda Everette <yo143mrk13@gmail.com>

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