Textbooks for Ugandan Grade School Children


Angela Clinton

TEXTBOOKS for Ugandan Grade School Children


Greetings from Uganda!

My name is Angela Bukenya, a Clinton School of Public Service graduate student. I was born and raised in Uganda, but currently residing in the USA.

In addition to the skills i have gained as a student, i have been working to raise funds to assist the Nakisenyi Foundation Nursery and Boarding School in Uganda, based on a needs assessment, to help improve their education. Of immediate need for 254 students, is textbooks that they can use for the entire year that will cost less than $10 each.
I am therefore asking everyone with the same passion, to join me in accomplishing this goal through a donation of any amount.

If you can please be a part of my personal project, together we shall make a difference in the lives of these young ones.  Thank you in advance!

Textbooks for Ugandan Grade School

Angela Bukenya Meets President Clinton

Clinton School to Co-host Holiday Performance

As we enter holiday break this weekend at the Clinton School, we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! Above is a photo from the Clinton Presidential Center holiday party December 18.

NOTE: Angela Bukenya is a June 2012 masters degree graduate of  Eastern Washington University. She attended school, worked in health care, volunteered at the South Hill 7th Day Adventist Church,  was involved in national politics, care for the aged and other health concerns in the Spokane area for several years. She is now working toward a second masters degree at the Clinton School Of Public Service, University of Arkansas,  and met President Clinton at the Clinton Presidential Center holiday party.