Getting to the 80%

Curtis Mayfield 1960’s song

There are 10% we will never be able to reach. There are 80% who are waiting, for leadership and direction. Maybe waiting to see how the wind blows. There are 10% who have already boarded the train and moved out. While waiting let’s listen to Curtis Mayfield

2 thoughts on “Getting to the 80%

  1. Justice – equal justice is only one step, An appreciation of our diversity is another. It seems that as I look at the situation there are several facets. Can they we solved one at a time, or maybe they need to progress arm and arm? Let’s try and see.

    • I hope that the groups we try to organize can come to a consensus on the 14 principles. I believe is well Unify us. If there are those that have problems with the 14 principles it would be good to have deep conversations As to why and who benefits.


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