North Carolina NAACP President Speaks

20160726_007639Hit this link to see the speech:

After hearing this rousing speech by the Rev. William Barber you should contribute to the election of the candidate that supports your principles and beliefs. You should knock on doors. You should register to vote. You should encourage your friends to register to vote. You should get your churches involved. And above all you should remember to vote!  In this election there is no place for protest votes. Vote BLUE!


The 2016 Democratic National Convention

20160726_007765 BW COVERLiving in the Inland Empire of the Pacific Northwest we hear President Obama talk about hope and we see glimpses through the national media and online communications that a change is coming but it has not yet hit our corner of the northwest. The Democratic Party, progressives, the Socialist Alternative and churches have little to show in the way of diversity other than tokenism.  Seeing the Republican Party’s convention and their choice of Donald Trump as presidential candidate makes one lose hope in the future of America.

The 2016 Democratic Convention showed what democracy can be when color is added. Taking these pictures inspired this visual communicator and I hope looking at them will inspire you too.



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I dedicate these images to Anderson Stoakley Lloyd, my 8 year old grandson.  I want to thank Diane Lloyd, my wife, my support and technical assistant; Sandy Williams and the Black Lens News; Pastor Percy Happy Watkins and New Hope Baptist Church; and Philadelphia cousins Ramona Rousseau-Reid and Joseph Reid.

Spokane Again Interviews Police Chief Finalists

Black Lens News Editor Sandy Williams has one-on-one interviews with finalists Robert Lehner and Dominic Rizzi.



Joan Butler, Chair of Police Advisory Committee presents community member questions that were emailed in advance. Participants in the audience felt that their questions had been cherry picked.

_DSC0095 copy


Audience listens to candidates respond to questions.

_DSC0093After the question and answer period finalists remained to mingle and respond to those who felt their questions had not been answered.

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Now that we have questioned the candidates how do we give input to the mayor on the decision? These are the ladies who will have the final decision.









Last Night’s Spokane NAACP Meeting 7/18/2016

20160718_006446 copy


How I Saw It

  • New President Phillip Tyler
  • 80 In Attendance
  • 15 Spokane Policemen
  • 12 African Americans
  • 2 Politicians
  • 68 White People

Conspicuous Absence of Past Participants (Old Guard)

I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, did 68 get religion? Did Spokane Police come because they wanted to return the favor of NAACP commitment to Blue Lives Matter? Was the old guard away at the national NAACP Convention? Was it because  of the constant turnover in NAACP presidents – 4 in less than two years?

President Tyler asked the whites in the room how many would change places with African Americans. No one in the room spoke up. I asked how many have broken bread with an African American in their home. Three or four raised their hands. I asked how many had had coffee with African Americans. Maybe 15 raised their hands. Most of them were Spokane policemen. But when I said I was not talking about in the coffee room on the job most of them laughed and put down their hands.

I would like to relieve the burden of the African Americans and true believers that have spent their lives educating white people and pass this burden on to the larger group of white people who by their presence seem to indicate concern:

White Nonsense Roundup  Facebook Page



Spokane Vigil Had Three Parts

How I See It by Bob Lloyd

July 9, 2016 Spokane County Court House

Part one was Black Lives Matter / All Lives Matter.

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Part two was Police Lives Matter.

P1020885_2Part three was Spokane showed how to handle a person when he tries to disrupt your non-violent protest/vigil/rally.

20160709 WhoKnowsFLAT-1Don’t let anyone hijack your non-violent protest.

Today Spokane : Vigil because BLACK LIVES MATTER.

20141125_5992 copy

From: “‘Commission on African American Affairs Spokane’ via CAAA Spokane Listserv” <>
Date: July 8, 2016 at 8:58:24 PM PDT
To: CAAA Spokane Listserv <>
Subject: Spokane Vigil in Response to this Weeks Shootings – Tomorrow, Saturday 7/9 at Noon
Reply-To: Commission on African American Affairs Spokane <>

Hello Everyone,
This information has been posted on Facebook, but I wanted to make sure that as many as possible hear about it.

A Spokane Vigil because BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Saturday, July 9, 2016, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Spokane County Courthouse – Downtown Spokane (Broadway and Monroe)

Join the NAACP, YWCA, Musicians Union, Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane, Sierra Club, Center for Justice, Greater Spokane Progress, Spokane Socialist Alternative, other community organizations and PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

We are coming together for this vigil to share our grief and anger about the deaths of Alton Sterling of Louisiana and Philondo Castile of Minnesota at the hands of police, as well as the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, and to demonstrate our commitment to acting together to expose and transform a racist criminal justice system.

You are invited to bring your families and friends to be part of this a powerful coming together to demonstrate our shared grief, anger, and deep valuing of Black Lives!!!! and to give folks in our communities a chance to connect with each other as well as to learn how THEY can be part of campaigns like the local police accountability & oversight organizing, the statewide John T. Williams Initiative 873 to change WA’s deadly force law, efforts to end the school-to-prison pipeline, AND MORE.

Let us mourn together and ORGANIZE together, bringing people together around shared needs & values, with ways to experience and assert OUR OWN SHARED POWER, and push to change policies while changing the balance of power in our communities and society.

Sandy Williams
Eastern Washington Representative
Washington State Commission on African American Affairs

Mission: To improve the well-being of African Americans by ensuring their access to participation in the fields of government, business, education, health care, and other areas.

Sandy Williams
Commissioner – Eastern Washington Representative
Washington State Commission on African American Affairs

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